It's like Insider Trading, only Legal

Local Scoop is for discriminating travelers with no patience for tourist traps.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the flea market of information available when researching your trip? Do you ever wish you knew a discerning insider who could sum up what you shouldn’t miss? Where you should eat? What you should buy? Who you should meet?

If you would like a personal concierge who can help you quickly access the heart and soul of your destination, then you will LOVE Local Scoop.

Local Scoop's Secret is Curation.

We organize the chaos for you.

Our carefully chosen, super-hero curators are picky people who distill the clutter for you, only recommending their favorite stores and restaurants, artisans and artists, authentic experiences and events. They help you access each area’s unique charms and hidden gems - knowledge that isn’t available to mere mortal tourists.

Local Scoop is the Champion of Creatives.

Behind every product or experience are enterprising, passionate, and creative people.

At Local Scoop, we celebrate these artists and entrepreneurs and we know them personally. We believe they are the lifeblood of any community and we jump at the opportunity to share their work with fellow enthusiasts, curious adventurers like you.