Sara B.

Sara B. Curator

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What’s your day job?

Entrepreneur! I recently “retired” after founding, growing, and selling New Ravenna, a mosaic studio with over 100 employees on the tiny peninsula referred to as Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Since 1992 we’ve been re-inventing mosaic design - in America of all places. Why not? Now, as founder of Local Scoop, my day job is exploring whether this platform can be a positive and effective force for good in the world.

Tell us about your super-hero talent:

During my former career I gradually recognized how critical local enterprises are to economies everywhere but especially in challenged rural areas like Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Creative people and businesses enrich these communities but aren’t always easy to access and often do not have the resources to market themselves optimally.

Frustrated at how cluttered travel app platforms have become, I founded Local Scoop to champion and highlight the best local “don’t miss” creative endeavors for travelers and residents alike. We have a long way to go before I can claim super-hero status, but in the meantime, I’m enjoying the proverbial and literal journey.

Where do you enjoy traveling, and what do you enjoy doing when away from home?

I enjoy traveling pretty much anywhere there are nice people. I especially enjoy searching for special artistic expressions wherever I go, whether it’s food, music, art, a performance, or an experience native to my destination - understanding what makes a camel particularly beautiful to Bedouins, or discussing product development with Zimbabwean carvers. I find these interactions priceless.

Sara B.'s Scoops:

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